Port of Le Havre

The Port of Le Havre, Grand Port Maritime du Havre, is the Port and port authority of the Normandy city of Le Havre, France.

The port of Le Havre consists of a series of canal-like docks, the Canal de Tancarville and the Grand Canal du Havre, that connect Le Havre to the Seine, close to the Pont de Tancarville, 24 km ( 14.9 m) upstream.

Port Authority of Le Havre

The Port of Le Havre is managed by a state agency called Grand Port Maritime du Havre, created by Decree 2008-1037 on 9 October 2008 and replacing the former "Port Autonome du Havre" that had been created along with Bordeaux by the first bill on port autonomy in 1920, a status granted on January 1st 1925 and confirmed by the second bill on port autonomy in 1965.

The "Grand Port Maritime du Havre" is a public institution taking care of administrative public service tasks and missions of industrial and commercial public service. It is operated as a public institution of trade and industry and is responsible for the management of all port facilities in its district. It is run by a Management Board of four members. Its surveillance council is composed of State representatives, employees, territorial community (Upper Normandy, Seine Maritime, CODAH and Le Havre) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Airbus reinforces its maritime capabilities with HAROPA-Port of Le Havre partnership

Airbus 25 Oct 2019
Le Havre, 25 October 2019 – Airbus and HAROPA-Port of Le Havre have signed an industrial and a distribution agreement relating to a joint software solution based on the Airbus VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) product family STYRIS® and Port of Le Havre solution S-WiNG (a digital service for port management)....